Timothy writes and speaks about the immense opportunities in Digital Transformation for the private & public sector. Catch him on XFM every Thursday between 8 am and 9 am.

As a Strategist, Timothy has partnered with over 30 organisations to align technology to business strategy, maximizing the value of technology investment.

As a Catalyst, Timothy has collaborated with over 20 executive teams to instigate over 80 innovation projects that drive complex transformations to business architecture, strategy, operations, and technology. 

As a Technologist, Timothy has implemented over 50 secure on-premise and over 30 cloud architectures, to support transformation initiatives, increase business agility, and manage complexity.

As an Operator, Timothy has delivered operational discipline in over 30 organisations by focusing on reducing costs, improving operational efficiency, and ensuring systems perform reliably while managing risk, and protecting core assets.

Timothy is currently writing a book on Digital Transformation which will be published in 2020.

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