Frequently asked questions

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is a synonym for the pace of change occurring in organisations today driven by rapid adoption of technology. This, in turn, is causing rapid disruptions in every industry and in every corner of the world. Digital transformation is about how an organisation uses technology to better compete.

How can I order Timothy Laku's book on Digital Transformation?

Timothy Laku's book "Digital Transformation Africa" will be published before the end of 2019 and you can submit your order NOW through the contact page. The pre-order price is only $10.

How can Timothy Laku help our organisation?

As part of a comprehensive advisory program, Timothy Laku will: + Advise, Train, and coach your leaders on digital transformation strategy
+ Provide keynote speeches on digital transformation
+ Using Focus Groups to research the impact and risk of digital to your organisation
+ Provide consulting services to your board and senior managers on organisational change
+ Write, report, and present on your digital transformation journey
+ Present, debate, and chair your conferences and seminars on digital transformation

What is the role of leadership in Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation fails when leadership renegates the responsibility to other functions of the organisation. Every fabric of an organisation is strained due to internal and external influences. The big challenge lies among the very leaders running the show today. The mission, processes, and systems that leaders support today may already be working against the organisation. Leaders must own and drive digital transformation initiatives across the organisation.

What is the role of the Board in the Digital Transformation journey?

Digital transformation is a strategic imperative for the Board. Digital transformation starts with vision; however, it is not a digital vision, but rather a vision for the organisation in the digital age. The distinction is critical. Boards play a critical role in the digital transformation journey by bringing expertise, judgment, healthy skepticism, and concern for long-term value. The board must be ready and willing to make quick decisions, take risks and innovate.

Can we book Timothy Laku for speaking engagements?

Yes, Timothy Laku provides keynote speeches on digital transformation as well as present, debate and chair conferences and seminars on digital transformation and the associated technologies such as Internet of Things, Artifical Intelligence, Big Data, Automation, Social, Mobile, Cloud, and Cybersecurity. Timothy Laku, is also available to talk about digital transformation as a guest on radio, television, staff retreats, staff development sessions, schools, and on expert panels.

What Advisory services does Timothy Laku provide?

Timothy Laku provides strategy and transformation advisory services supporting senior business stakeholders, such as CEOs, COOs, CMOs and other business leaders. Timothy Laku particularly helps these leaders in efforts to leverage digital technologies that enable the innovation of their entire business or elements of their business and operating models - specific capabilities include focus group research, consulting services for digital strategy and transformation, digital operations, and digital customer experience.